Making simple apps

supporting you in different everyday situations.


 A basketball score board

Almost every aspect of a basketball match is manageable using this app from your phone: 
  • General score
  •  Score per quarter 
  • Quarter time 
  • And possession time.
You can send your feedback to improve this app using the mail at the bottom.

Available in English and Spanish


A bolleyball score board

As with BsktScore, this app will help you in manage almost every aspect of a volleyball match.

From the general score to team having the service and timeouts, having also score per set.

Available in English and Spanish


Shopping list planner based on recipes you want to prepare

Just set up the recipes ingredients, and add them to the shopping list directly or using the weekly menu planner. 

Then you may proceed to shopping list and generate it. The amount of every item will be calculated to fill you pantry in the needed amount to prepare the recipes you selected.

Available in English and Spanish.

Available for you iPhone and iPad, you may prepare the list using your iPad and check it using your phone. And also available for your Mac!


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